Media Intelligence Alliance | Media Analysis & Consultancy
With the right insight and consultancy you are able to work effectively, make the right decisions and create an impact with your communication.
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Media Analysis & Consultancy

Make the right decisions and act strategically based on data and insight

From insight to data driven consultancy

With an analysis you get precise and clear insight into your communication efforts. With the right insight you are able to work effectively, make the right decisions and create an impact with your communication.

We provide media analyses and consultancy services based on the market’s best media coverage – both Nordic and international.

Our analyses draw on our analysts’ solid experience with structuring, monitoring and analyzing the news flow in both traditional media and social media. We also have broad insight into your stakeholder’s preferences and perception of your brand, media coverage or expected behavior.

From data to insight

Our analyses give you insight into what is being said about your company or your brand. We help you evaluate and document the impact of your own media activity together with the activity among your customers and stakeholders. This gives you a solid foundation to devise, target and optimize your communication strategy across media.

Know your agenda

Get benchmarks from the media coverage of you and your competitors, brand or spokespersons.

You will have an updated overview of the current agendas which are of strategic meaning for your company. And you will gain insight into how your partners and opponents are handling the agendas.

We point out potential alliance partners and give you advice on how to position yourself in a debate in order to make the biggest impact.

Take advantage of synergies across media

It does not matter if your story spreads to social media, or if the traditional media track down a story on Twitter. With our data and great experience in generating insight across media you will find out how content and news spread across different media and how you can take advantage of the synergy across the media.

Need more data and insight?