Media Intelligence Alliance | Social media listening
Keep track of what your customers and stakeholders are saying about your company and brand on social media with our social listening tool.
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Social Media

Your most important mentions might be on social media

Listen to online conversations

Keep track of what your customers and stakeholders are saying about your company and brand on social media. With our social media listening tool you can follow online conversations live, or you can get alerts directly to your inbox when something happens.

Data are displayed graphically, and the analysis gives you insight into everything from sentiment and influencer ranking to trends and your own performance KPIs.

Make dashboards that fit your needs, and document your effort by exporting data with just one click.

Growth of mentions

Get a quick overview of how your mentions have developed over time – and monitor the engagement surrounding your brand or company at a specific period of time.

Compare media types or see how the mentions are distributed between your products – or you and your competitor.


Take a closer look at the most influential users of your product and brand. Dive into statistics about the biggest online influencers and see their sentiment, reach and engagement.


Get an overview of the themes your customers and stakeholders are talking about on social media. With different kinds of word clusters you get an understanding of the online agenda.


Get an overview of how your content spreads from one media to another – and see which type of content gets the widest reach and the most engagement.


With the heatmap you can see where in the world people are talking about your brand, your products or even your competitors.

Do you need a social listening tool? Let us help